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“My vision is to create an accessible platform for all surfers to experience maximum performance. For that reason I use the most innovative technology in the market, the CFD, Computational Fluid Dynamics for shape and design development.

The CFD fish pushes performance to the limit while respecting the traditional design elements of a bygone era resulting in a refined fish shape with traditional lines from San Diego. I have stretched the rail line to create a more forgiving and easy to use feeling, increasing stability during take off, increasing lift and manoeuvrability at high speed.

The tail is a double bat reverse fish tail, this design generates lift during tight turns and increases release, eliminating drag and increasing acceleration in weak conditions. The CFD Fish is a user friendly shape for all levels of surfers in everyday wave conditions.”

Marcello Zani

Aloha X Sequoia CFD Fish 5'9" futures

£629.00 Regular Price
£566.10Sale Price
VAT Included

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