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Need Help To Paddle? (To Shop)

  • Can I visit The Bay Surf Shop?
    Yes! We are located in Barton Road, in Woolacombe! Just 2 minutes from the beach. Why not visit us whilst you're here to surf.
  • Im looking to buy a new surfboard, but want to talk to someone, can you help?"
    Yes! We are more than happy to talk surfboards with you, our aim is for you to be catching more waves than ever on your new stick. Pick up the phone or send us an email to start the conversation.
  • Which wax should I buy?
    Generally speaking, in the winter months we use cold surf wax, spring and summer time cool surf wax. We do however suggest using a base coat of tropical surf wax.
  • Can I try a surfboard out?
    We have a small range of demo surfboards, please get in touch with us to trial a model.
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