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6' 11" x 21 1/2" x 2 5/8"- Volume 46.41L


We use environmentally friendly and sustainably-sourced bamboo coupled with our state-of-the art bamboo epoxy laminating process to create an exceptional range of surfboards that harness the natural strength and flex characteristics of bamboo and deliver a super-responsive ride. The 6' 11" wing swallow shape offers full-volume versatility as a fun middle ground between a shortboard and mini mal. Maybe you are looking to progress from a mini mal or longboard but are worried about going too short and not being able to catch waves anymore, or are after a shortboard for a tall or heavier adult. With 46L of volume, stability and float isn't in doubt for easy wave catching and pop up. But by dipping below the 7ft length, you get that increased agility and can push the turns in all conditions.


A beautiful looking board which will flatter your surfing skills and build confidence.

We use natural bamboo in our construction so the shade and tone of the bamboo may vary from board to board - every board is truly unique!

6' 11" Bamboo Wing Swallow Tail Surfboard

SKU: SBM611-20
VAT Included

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