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7' 2" x 21 1/2" x 2 1/2"- Volume 46.15L


With sleek black graphics on our already beautiful solid bamboo laminate, these surfboards are also brilliant to ride. We use environmentally friendly and sustainably-sourced bamboo coupled with our cutting-edge epoxy laminating process to make our bamboo mini mal surfboards which harness the natural strength and flex of bamboo and deliver a super-responsive ride.


The 7' 2" length is a perfect bamboo mini mal for lighter adults, teenagers or kids to learn on and progress their surfing, or as a shorter, more playful mini mal for all abilities in any conditions. The 7' 2" will have no problem catching waves, even in small surf with its generous volume and streamlined shape. It is stable enough to support beginners, but not as heavy or clunky as a longer mini mal or longboard. A great fun board that will get you up on waves and turning before you know it!


We use natural bamboo in our construction so the shade and tone of the bamboo may vary from board to board - every board is truly unique!

7' 2 Bamboo Round Tail Mini Mal Surfboard

SKU: SBM72-20
VAT Included

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