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7' 6" x 22 1/2" x 2 3/4" - Volume 56.53L


Born out of a collaboration of Circle One and Cornwall based shaper, Chris Pearson, the 'Forgotten' range of surfboards is a limited edition run of 4 timeless retro shapes (from 7ft Egg to 9' 6" Noserider). All shapes are available in two colours in a glorious gloss tint finish. Chris is a dedicated old school back-yard shaper with origins very similar to Circle One's shaper and founder, Jeff Townsley. The collaboration is a coming together of shaping expertise and boards that will deliver the kind of performance and connection to the ocean that only years of shaping knowledge can bring.


The 'Forgotten' 7' 6" Mini Mal is as good as it gets in terms of a board that will work in all types of surf and to maximise wave count. The theme on the classic Mini Mal shape has varied over the years but we've nailed all the ingredients for the authentic mini mal experience with this one. With plenty of width throughout and that extra bit of volume the 7' 6" will deliver a fun ride whether you're moving to a hard board for the first time or have surfed for decades.. Single to double concave bottom contours and V to the tail means this board will really fly when you need it. Versatile 2+1 fin set-up gives the rider the option to set the fin further back in the finbox to get more response at the tail or ride as a single fin.


The 7' 6" is suited to the beginner/intermediate or advanced surfer looking for either a do-all option or as a fun addition to the quiver. The joy of these boards is not just about how great they are to ride, it's about the ownership of something individual with a heap of shaping history built-in.


Available in 2 colour tints, red or blue.

7ft 6inch 'Forgotten' Retro Mini Mal Gloss Tint

VAT Included

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