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9' 6" x 23" x 2 3/4"- Volume 73.64L



The Circle One 9’ 6” Bamboo Longboard embodies shaping characteristics geared towards a more performance ride. Single concave from the nose to slight V in tail allow you to work the wave to generate surprising speed. It demonstrates a 60/40 rail profile with more edge towards the pulled in round pin which makes for a super responsive ride when getting your weight to the tail. 2+1 fin set up means extra hold and can also be ridden as a classic single fin for a more leisurely surf. Whether you want a lazy ride or carve from the tail, this board allows you to surf with confidence, style and grace.


A classic bamboo longboard with a performance edge when you need it.

We use a full 1.5mm thick sustainably-sourced bamboo sheet in the production of our bamboo surfboard range, so the bamboo becomes integral to the sandwich construction of the board.

This produces a board of exceptional strength to weight ratio, and unique flex and responsive ride characteristics which comes from the bamboo. Some other manufacturer's boards sold as 'bamboo' may use a paper-thin veneer bamboo sheet (as little as 0.2mm thick) or a 'printed' bamboo-effect veneer and whilst it may look nice, offers no construction benefits. With Circle One Bamboo Surfboards, the bamboo not only looks stunning but delivers a real tangible difference in the construction of the board and the quality of the ride.

9' 6" Bamboo Round Pin Tail Longboard Surfboard

SKU: SBM96-20
VAT Included