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9' 6" x 23 3/4" x 3 1/2" - Volume 95.68L


Born out of a collaboration of Circle One and Cornwall based shaper, Chris Pearson, the 'Forgotten' range of surfboards is a limited edition run of 4 timeless retro shapes (from 7ft Egg to 9' 6" Noserider). All shapes are available in two colours in a glorious gloss tint finish. Chris is a dedicated old school back-yard shaper with origins very similar to Circle One's shaper and founder, Jeff Townsley. The collaboration is a coming together of shaping expertise and boards that will deliver the kind of performance and connection to the ocean that only years of shaping knowledge can bring.


If you're looking for an authentic longboard experience then the 9' 6" Forgotten Noserider is exactly that. An absolute classic shape honed and perfected since the early 70's. The Noserider really sits in a class of its own and has a broad appeal from beginner to advanced riders alike. The progressive bottom contours start with shallow nose concave to flat mid-section and V to the tail - perfect for effortless take-offs and ability to hold the wave when walking the board and hanging ten. Neutral 50/50 rails provide optimum drag to hit the sweet spot and the transition to a 60/40 profile on the tail enables smooth cutbacks and re-entries. A board with decades of heritage built into its DNA and the ability to really inspire you to develop your noseriding technique.


Available in 2 colour tints, bottle green or yellow.

9ft 6inch 'Forgotten' Retro Classic Noserider Longboard Gloss Tint

VAT Included
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