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“In everything I do I want to have easy boards able to perform at maximum level, so I use retro ideas and the modernity of the most innovative technology in surfboards industry, the CFD, Computational Fluid Dynamics. Paddle power, stability and the great feeling from getting in tune so quickly with this shape is given by the little pull out nose outline, and for fitting in all condition I decided to put an old school higher wing, reduced surface area during manoeuvres with the same outline curve. Rail, rocker, and foil are balanced to have consistency in a wide variety of conditions. 

Paddle power, stability combined with a generous sweet spot ensures that Toro is user friendly and is an easy transition from your short board. Surf Toro 1 to 2 inches shorter than you shortboard. The slightly wider nose outline created form the high wing creates stability in smaller weaker waves while reducing surface area in the tail during turns.”

Marcello Zani

Aloha X Sequoia Toro 6'0" futures

£629.00 Regular Price
£566.10Sale Price
VAT Included

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