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7' 3" X 21 5/8" X 2 7/8" - 50.4L



The Tri Plane Hull Single is a fun, user-friendly midlength that incorporates a fresh take on a Al Merrick’s Tri Plane Hull bottom design he refined and built during the ’70s and ’80s—a Greenough inspired planning hull that generates tremendous “lift,” which provides added speed, freedom, and ease of control.

Working with surfer Devon Howard once again (see CI Mid), we set out to build a better egg-style, single-fin midlength—a genre of surfboard that can often look cool and groovy but tend to ride slow and sticky, sometimes lacking pizazz or drive through the turns. By incorporating a Tri Plane Hull bottom with a Al’s classic egg outline, and combined with our modern style rail and rocker profiles, we landed on a rather spicy midlength design that has a surprising amount of trim speed and drive through its turn in small surf—making this a reliable long-railed performer in conditions ranging from subpar to above average.

The Tri Plane Hull Single comes with beautiful color lamination options that are sealed with a matte finish gloss coat and outfitted with a minimalistic logo treatment which pays homage to some of Al’s early surfboard creations

CI Tri Plane Hull 7'3" single fin

VAT Included

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