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  • Needlenose Pliers

    Perfect for holding small objects or using the pliers in tight, narrow spaces.

  • Regular Pliers

    Conveniently hold and manipulate items.

  • Hard-wire Cutters

    Easily cut through electrical hard wires.

  • Wire Cutters

    Cut regular-gauge electrical wire with this durable, edge-retaining tool.

  • 420HC Combo Knife

    A knife made from 420HC stainless steel with a half straight and half serrated edge. This style of blade gives the user a choice of precise cuts using the plain section, or cutting through fibre and rougher material using the serrated area.

  • Carabiner/Bottle Opener

    This tool features a one way gate and allows for easy clipping to a belt loop or strap. It can also be used to pop the top on a favourite beverage.

  • Large Bit Driver

    Easily switch out full-size bits to customize your multi-tool.

Leatherman Skeletool- Topo

VAT Included

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