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7'6" X 22.5" X 3" - 55L


The GLYDRA is an extremely fun and easy to ride, stretched out small wave machine. Call it a Long fish. Call it a mini-glider. Call it mid length-Mayhem or call it whatever you want. If you want to have fun, it gets the job done.

  • Dual Diamond tail: A defining feature. It melds the characteristics of both swallow and diamond tails. A notched-out stringer shortens the centerline rocker and reduces surface area behind the rear foot. The double diamonds shorten the rail line, making quick and powerful, controlled turns, much more manageable. For GLYDRA, we have noticeably pulled the tail in the last 18”, adding more curve in the outline, so less rail is engaged in the wave face at one time, allowing the board to be turned and ridden freely, even when standing forward without the rear foot planted on the tail.
  • Deck-line and foil: Updated to better suit a longer board, rather than a short, stubby one. GLYDRA retains a thicker center line, that grows with length, but the deck roll has been increased, using far more taper and thinner rails than the HYDRA. This allows the deck line to more closely follow the curveoftherailrocker. Whenputonarail,thewaterrollingacrossthedeckhelpsthelonger board cut back and carve tighter turns. The tapered rails permeate the water more easily and retainapreferredsensitivity. Thetailisthin,somewhatboxyandfeaturesanoticeable“kick”or bend upward, through the fins, further freeing up GLYDRA as a trim and turn machine.
  • Fins: We’ve retained HYDRA’S 5-fin set up. No need for a single fin box on this wide tail, but most other fin set ups can be dialed in to offer a myriad of methods to ride, glide and eve