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The Beastie has been designed to be the ultimate fun board.  The volume is really well distributed for such a large board.  The outline is generous, providing a stable platform for catching  waves. Perfect for those looking to progress their surfing to the next level or an alternative to a longboard. The tail width provides  lift and acceleration in the weakest waves creating a super generous sweet spot! 


  • FCSII: 3 Fin Boxes Ships With FCSII Softflex fin Thruster set
  • Deck: 1 x 200gram + 1 x 160gram cloth + stamped 3mm
  • EVA Bottom: 1 X 200gram cloth + stamped 3mm EVA
  • Finish: Full EVA Slate Grey
  • Rocker: Med 
  • Fin System: FCSII/Futures - Thruster 
  • Fin Supplied: Thruster FSCII Softflex 
  • Bottom Contours: Single to double 
  • Outline: Wide Round Tail


7’622 5/82 7/857.51

Mick Fanning Beastie 2.0 7'6"

VAT Included

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