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Let sound in, keep water out!


NEW RE-DESIGN • IMPROVED ACOUSTICS • We’ve redesigned SurfEars™ 2.0 to allow greater sound penetration so you will hear even better. • ADDITION OF LEASH • SurfEars™ 2.0 comes with an adjustable leash for added security. • BETTER FIT • Studying the anatomy of the outer ear we’ve managed to increase the number of contact points, ensuring even better fixation. • HYDROPHOBIC COATING • New HY+ coating increases water repellency for better performance. • RE-DESIGNED SEALING GEL • SurfEars 2.0 features a redesigned sealing gel which improves water seal, fit and comfort. Shorter intrusion depth to accommodate for people with severe surfer’s ear and is adjustable to fit all ear sizes.


VAT Included

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